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How To Plan a Dinner Party Menu | Cooking and Entertaining at Home

Planning a dinner party is supposed to be fun, but for many home cooks preparing a feast for a group of people can be a daunting task. In this blog, we breakdown how to prepare a menu, a array of easy canapés and desserts you can try and even a few food-styling tips for beginners.

How To Plan a Dinner Party Menu

How To Plan a Dinner Party Menu

Cooking and entertaining at home is supposed to be fun. It’s time one should approach with joy, not with dread. It’s only natural to feel nervous but with our guidance, it should be possible for you to have as much fun as your guests.

Deciding what to cook is the first step. Even if you cook regularly for yourself or your family, hosting a dinner party is another matter and you may be asking “what should I cook when I have guests over?” There’s no right or wrong answer. If you love a dish, there’s a good chance others will too. Sharing food with friends should be as simple as that. What do you serve at a dinner party? Whatever you like.

How to plan a dinner party menu? Start with the main course, your centrepiece, your hero dish, then work out from there, adding sides, salads, snacks, or starters to assemble a menu you love. Even the simplest make ahead food for house guests such as curries, tagines, and stews you’ve stashed in the freezer, can be elevated with a freshly made flatbread, sauce, salsa or raita, or side of cooked grains or rice.

red curry

A good menu is balanced between tastes (salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami), textures (crunchy and raw, cooked, and creamy, etc). It should be neither too rich, nor too light. Take care not to repeat ingredients across courses. Often, all that’s missing is a salad. In winter, add crunch and zing with a fennel, blood orange, watercress, and black olive salad.

fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Let the season dictate your menu.

Shopping and cooking seasonally helps you narrow down the otherwise infinite options; it’s more economical; and it sparks joy too. Respond to the weather too. On a hot day, your guests will relish juicy slices of watermelon, shots of chilled gazpacho, or plump cherries served over ice. On a frosty day, they’ll crave a hot soup, slow-cooked dish, or a proper pudding with custard. Seasonal produce calendars are readily available online, and many cookbooks are organised by months or seasons. Be guided by what your greengrocer, butcher, and fishmonger have in abundant supply.

seasonal vegetables

How do you cook for a crowd?

By choosing make-ahead dishes you can prepare a day or two before. Braises, stews, and slow-cooked dishes can take a little sitting about, and indeed, some even taste better the next day. Beef with caramelised baby onions and rosemary can be left to bubble away while you do other jobs. “One pot wonders” are a lifesaver. There are a few tips and tricks you can pick up from professional kitchens, such as how to blanch vegetables, i.e., to partially cook them in advance. You can prepare the ingredients for a stylish side or starter of chilled soba noodle salad with edamame beans using the blanching technique.

easy one pot roasted vegetables

Seared tuna with a pickled vegetable salad is an excellent example of a dish that looks great but won’t leave you overburdened. The julienne vegetables can be prepared the day before, leaving you to simply sear the tuna when the time comes.

Certain dishes don’t scale up well. For example, omelettes and fried eggs are off the menu, but a splendid whole frittata or chic individual oeufs en cocotte would be wonderful. Did you know poached eggs can be cooked in quantity in advance, then reheated to order? One per person atop a bacon and frisée salad is delicious.

poached eggs

Potatoes are a delicious and economical addition to a meal. Mashed potatoes and roast potatoes can be part prepared three hours ahead, then finished to order. Roast potatoes just need an extra half hour in the oven. Plain potatoes, mashed in advance, can be finished with milk and butter, or given a twist with mustard, horseradish, herbs, saffron or lemon and olive oil.

roast potatoes with salt and herbs

When it comes to making ahead food for house guests, look for recipes you can easily double, or even triple in quantity. If you can make it in advance (even freeze), all the better. The same technique you use for ragù, can be adapted into shepherd’s pie, cottage pie, or smoky chilli with black beans. Macaroni cheese pleases guests of all ages; ring the changes by adding bacon and leeks or sage and butternut squash. Fish pie or gratin dauphinois bubbling away will warm the soul.

For dessert...

If you want to learn how to get better at baking, remember to start simple. Meringues and pavlovas are great make-ahead puddings for when you plan a dinner party menu. Make the meringues, then assemble with cream and fruit last minute. Panna Cottas, crème brûlée , and chocolate mousse can be chilled until it’s time for pudding.

small meringue kisses

Tarts always impress. Once you’ve mastered making pastry, you can use the method to make lemon tart, treacle tart, chocolate tart, pear and almond tart and more. Here’s how to make shortcrust pastry.

short crust pastry tart

Soup is a host’s best friend. Chilled or piping hot, they’re easy to make in advance, to plate, and to serve to a large group. Classics include French onion, gazpacho, vichyssoise , and lobster bisque. You can also experiment with flavours, for example butternut squash, coconut and lemongrass, or silky cauliflower with truffle oil.

fennel soup

Incorporate some dishes that require zero cooking. Luxurious beef carpaccio is simplicity itself. Tapas-style arrays of cheese and cold cuts, olives and pickled vegetables are ready straight from the deli counter. Salad leaves can be washed, their dressings prepped. Store salad leaves wrapped in a damp tea towel in the refrigerator; add the dressing when it’s time to eat.

charcuterie board

Decide how you want to serve the meal.

Will it be individually plated, mezze-style, a buffet, or set in the centre of the table, family-style? Some cuts of meat and fish lend themselves well to plating. Chicken breast, fish fillets, scallops, steaks, noisettes and chops are quick and easy to plate, and require no messy carving.

Guests love to dig in. When feeding a crowd, choose mezze-style plates, and abundant bowls of salads, mixed grains, and roasted vegetables. Middle Eastern dishes make excellent sharing platters for a dinner party. Your menu could include a vibrant avocado fattoush with za’atar crisps, moutabal aubergine dip, minced lamb kofta with tabbouleh and flatbreads, or a tagine with rice. Shop-bought filo pastry is useful for making vegetarian pies, such as a Bengali-inspired aubergine and panch phoran pie.

One of the most stylish and generous share plate ideas is a platter of chilled or grilled shellfish. It’s easier than you might think to learn how to source and prepare shellfish such as langoustines, prawns, and oysters. Learn how to source and shuck oysters, and you’ll be very popular; all you have to do is whip up some simple dressings of shallot and red wine, cucumber and ginger, or spicy Bloody Mary. Potted shrimps, with toast or melted over a crumpet, can be bought in or prepared in advance.

Still looking for inspiration? Go online and see what your favourite chefs or restaurants are cooking this week. Professional chefs follow the seasons assiduously and have years of experience writing menus. Might one of their snacks, starters or share plate ideas work for your guests? You may be able to find a similar recipe online.

Make Like a Professional Chef and Do Your Mise en Place

Mise en place is to have everything in place before you start cooking. Weighing out ingredients in advance is one thing you can do to make cooking smoother, cleaner, and less stressful.

Make an exhaustive time plan, the day before if possible. No job is too small to be included from picking herbs, to removing the butter from the refrigerator, to preheating the oven.

No professional cook would start cooking before sharpening their knives. Learning how to sharpen knives with a sharpener or whetstone is a skill every home cook should acquire. Store knives in a block, on a wall-mounted magnetic strip, or in drawers with a knife insert. Storing them loose in drawers is unsafe and it could damage the blades.

Do a headcount. Tot up if you have enough pot, plates, glasses, cutlery, even chairs if you’re feeding a crowd. Work out if you have enough shelves in the oven and rings on the hob for your chosen menu. If not, adjust the time plan or, worst case, the entire menu.

Food-styling For Beginners

We eat with our eyes. Learning how to plate your food like a pro will take it to the next level.

Presentation, we always say, starts at mise en place. Factor it into your time plan; allowing yourself enough time to plate up before the food goes cold. Never sacrifice the quality of your food for the sake of it looking pretty.

Research your dish. Google Images, Pinterest and Instagram are a bottomless source of inspiration. Copying of ideas is positively encouraged!

The golden rules of plating are as follows:

  • Always use a clean, smear-free plate. Have a damp cloth or paper towel to hand.
  • Leave a clear border around the edge of the plate to set off the food, just as a frame sets off a painting.
  • Keep your garnishes relevant to the dish or recipe.
  • Think in odd numbers. They are easier on the eye (think of dim sum in its groups of three)
  • Don’t hide the ingredients; you should be able to see all the elements on the plate.
  • Don’t overwork the food.
  • Keep portions neat. It’s easier to plate a smaller portion.
  • The more elements involved, the more difficult the execution. The general rules hold true for both plated dishes and sharing platters for a dinner party

For professional-looking desserts, learn how to ‘rocher’, i.e., scoop a smooth, neat oval of mousse or ice cream. Practice makes perfect. Tip: for best results, use a deep spoon (you can even buy special rocher spoons.

Micro Herbs and edible flowers are a simple way to pretty up a plate. You can find specialist suppliers online and some supermarkets now stock them too

When plating desserts, the ratio of ingredients is crucial. It has to eat well as well as look beautiful. You can have a lot of fun with desserts, adding texture and colour to elevate them. Immaculate knife skills, especially when working with fruit, will give a more professional result. Take care to blot away any excess juices of fruit for a cleaner finish.

lemon panna cotta

Be more Chanel. “Before you leave the house,” said Coco Chanel, allegedly, “look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” The French designer’s wise dictum has culinary applications. Ask if there is one ingredient or one garnish too many? Less is more.

Build a collection of crockery over time in different colours, textures, and patterns. Mismatched crockery can look great. For a professional look, white looks pin sharp. Handsome copper pans or cast iron Le Creuset or Staub pots look magnificent at the table, straight from the oven when you’re sharing food with friends.

mismatched plates

How Do I Host a Dinner Party at Home?

There’s no single right answer to the question of how to plan a dinner party menu. Fashions change. While there is a time and a place for a formal dinner party, the trend is towards a more unbuttoned approach. When you’re looking for dinner party set up ideas, look to gurus such as Skye McAlpine (a Leiths alumna and author of A Table For Friends: The Art of Cooking for Two or Twenty); original domestic goddess Nigella Lawson; New York’s Laila Gohar (AKA @lailacooks, a contributor to How To Spend It); and Alison Roman, author of Nothing Fancy.

Formal table settings, all polished crystal, silver candlesticks and name cards have been superseded somewhat by the Instagram-worthy ‘tablescape’. In truth, both have a place. When decorating tables with flowers and candles, pay attention to sight lines. Guests should be able to see each other across the table. Mix candles of different sizes - pillar candles, tapered candles, and tea lights. Save scented ones for hallways and bathrooms, not the table as they interfere with the fragrance of the food.

dinner party with friends

While it’s absolutely not necessary to clean the entire house from top to bottom when hosting a dinner party, do check if there's soap, a clean towel and spare loo roll in the loo. Clear a space in the wardrobe or on a bed to store guests’ coats. Don’t forget to leave some time for yourself too. You’ll undoubtedly want to shower and dress before dinner if you’ve been on your feet all day. You won’t see a Leiths chef cooking without an apron. Wear one while you’re cooking to avoid mishaps. Your dry-clean-only outfit will thank you.

Plan a playlist or appoint a friend as official DJ. A musical theme can inspire some fun dinner party set up ideas from a 1970s night complete with disco globe to 1920s nights with a jazz soundtrack and classic cocktails. Having music playing when guests arrive will put them instantly at ease, and you’ll have fun while cooking.

If you’re new to this, wondering how to plan a dinner party and perhaps how you can even be a better cook, consider inviting a small group for drinks and canapés. You can’t go wrong with Champagne or English sparkling wine. You can even master simple pre-made cocktails. Variations on the Bellini and such classic aperitifs as Kir, Kir Royal, white port and tonic, or Campari and soda require no flair skills.

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