Mastering the Art of Cake Making: Three Essential Methods to Explore

Three Key Methods of Cake Making

When it comes to the world of cakes, there is an abundance of flavours and textures to discover. However, the method you choose to approach your baking endeavour plays a crucial role in the final outcome. At Leiths Online, we focus on teaching three key methods.

Creaming Method: The Pillar of Patisserie

Creaming is one of the most widely used methods in cake making and serves as a foundational skill in the world of patisserie. It involves the process of whisking butter and sugar together until they achieve a light and aerated consistency. This typically takes around 8 minutes of whisking, creating air bubbles that expand in the oven and result in a wonderfully light cake. 

If you're planning to make Victoria sponges or coffee and walnut cakes, the creaming method is likely to be your go-to technique.

Whisking Method: Air and Body in Harmony

Similar to creaming, the whisking method aims to introduce air into the cake batter. However, in this approach, the entire wet mixture is whisked to add both air and body. The dry ingredients are gently folded in to prevent over mixing. 

This technique is commonly employed in recipes for Swiss rolls, genoise sponges, and chiffon cakes. 

Melting Method: Simplicity at its Finest

For dense and moist cakes, the melting method reigns supreme. In this technique, the butter and sugar are melted together as the first step, eliminating the need for creaming or whisking. To aid the rise, a raising agent is added to the batter. Mastering the melting method is quick and straightforward, making it an ideal choice for busy bakers. 

If you're after a chocolate cake, a fruit cake, or a comforting ginger cake, the melting method is likely to be your recipe's secret ingredient.

By familiarising yourself with these three essential cake-making methods, you'll unlock a whole new level of expertise in the art of baking. Get your apron on, gather your ingredients, and let your creativity flourish in the realm of cake making.

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