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Meet Your Mentors
Heli Miles

Heli Miles

Senior Mentor


I came to the culinary world following a year long trip around South Africa, where part of my time had been spent working at luxury game reserves. When I returned to London, within a few weeks I had enrolled onto the Leiths Diploma in Food and Wine.

This was just the beginning and I (as is the same for most that have gone through the course), have never looked back. I went straight into a truly wonderful Michelin kitchen, then into various roles including food styling and private work before returning to Leiths to start my teaching journey.

Having been with the school since 2008, it is in my blood. While I no longer live in London, I am so grateful that I have been able to stay connected to the team and continue teaching with Leiths online.

Quickfire Questions

What is your most pivotal food memory?

While I love the technique and process of cooking and all that comes with it, some of the best food I have eaten is that in its freshest form. My mother’s side of the family was Greek, and we would spend six weeks every summer in a run down, yet utterly perfect, small coastal town with tavernas a plenty.

We ate the freshest of produce and the ingredients just sang. A Greek salad made here just does not compare to what can be found in the most basic taverna - the tomatoes were gnarled and far from perfect yet tasted sublime.

Literally every meal, in the heat, waves lapping against the shore, with my family and the most simple yet beautiful food puts me in a blissful place.

If you could prepare a meal for anyone, who would it be and what would you make?

Do you do all the cooking at home?

What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with and why?

Is there a bit of kitchen kit you couldn’t live without or you are particularly attached to?

I have an unhealthy attachment to my serrated pastry knife. During a stint at the first restaurant that I joined following my qualification at Leiths, my pastry mentor gave me a serrated pastry knife for my birthday. It was a wonderful gift but also came with the message “perhaps now you will stop using mine!”

It is by far, one of my favourite tools in the kitchen and I am always happy to geek out and discuss the merits of this knife.

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