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Belinda Spinney

Belinda Spinney

Senior Mentor


I started my culinary career with a two year professional course in my late teens followed by an advanced term at Leiths. After graduating, I worked in a variety of different professions including starting my own business as a freelance chef, managing a Soho restaurant, teaching on cookery holidays in Italy, and food styling and editorial work amongst many other jobs. Eventually, I returned to teach at Leiths full time as a senior teacher.

A few years ago I took a two year hiatus from teaching to complete my BA in photography where after I returned to Leiths to develop the school's courses, provide demonstrations and teach in-house and online.

Quickfire Questions

What is your most pivotal food memory?

One of my early food memories was of going abroad for school holidays. I remember most the squid and sardines barbecued on the beach, simple tomato salads dressed with sea salt and spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil.

If you could prepare a meal for anyone, who would it be and what would you make?

Do you do all the cooking at home?

Yes even though it is my job to cook I still love it, whether that be a simple store cupboard supper or a full on four course meal for friends and family.

What do you think is the most challenging ingredient to work with and why?

Is there a bit of kitchen kit you couldn’t live without or you are particularly attached to?

A heat proof plastic spatula, they are so versatile, and are excellent for folding in. It can really gets into the corners of a pan and with its the flexibility it does a great job of combining ingredients for purees.

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